Web Screen Capture is one free web site and web page screenshot and thumbnail software, it can take screenshots of web pages and save them as full sized images, and the images can be output in the JPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG, or GIF formats. The image's Pixel Format can be changed. This freeware support command line usage, you can convert html pages to image in batch.

Main Features
  • Create full size screenshots of website pages.
  • Supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP image formats.
  • Supports command line usage.
  • Supports batch convert with command line.
  • Simple, very fast and easy-to-use.
  • Freeware, not paid for use.

Command Line Usage
webscreencapture.exe  [url]  [image]

  • webscreencapture.exe http://news.yahoo.com c:\yahoo-news-screenshot.jpg
  • webscreencapture.exe http://www.myspace.com/ c:\myspace-screenshot.jpg

note: if the url have "&", the command line is
  • webscreencapture.exe "http://www.webscreencapture.com/show.php?f=2&topicdays=0&start=50" c:\demo.jpg

Batch Convert With Command Line
Create one ".BAT" file, double-click to run it, then you can convert web html pages to image in batch.
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